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Qianjiang Yehe Chemical Products Co., Ltd.

Contact UsThe company insists on "survive by quality, win the market by reputation", wholeheartedly provide customers with high-quality products, dedicated after-sales service, and sincerely look forward to your cooperation!

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Business consultation/after-sales service/complaint opinions (service hotline) +86-728-6204052

Qianjiang Yehe Chemical Products Co., Ltd.
Add: Special #3, Yanhua 1st Road, Economic Development Zone, Qianjiang City
Tel: +86-728-6204052
Mobile: +86-15873095760
Contact: Manager Deng
E-mail: dcxhryz@sina.com
URL: www.1joyjoy.com


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Industry and service in 34 provinces across the country, providing quick and considerate service!

For more information, Tel: +86-728-6204052

Client Messages

For more than 30 years Efforts to provide customers with satisfactory products and quality technical services.Sincerely welcome friends at home and abroad to inquire, negotiate and cooperate.

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